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Pro High Power Magnetic Pulser - Life Pulser 600V

Pro Magnetic Pulser, Life Pulser 600V. Bob Beck magnetic pulser
Based on the Bob Beck magnetic pulser unit, this unit has five power settings, rapid pulse rates, extra options and made from high quality parts to last a life time. Up to 820mT output magnetic flux density with greater reach due to coil geometry.
You will have full support for the product (E.U. countries only at this point).
This product in made in Cyprus (E.U.).

Due to safety and licensing laws we cannot ship the pulser fully assembled to international locations. We are working on module based design for international users. This consists of assembled and tested boards that need to be mounted and cables connected. It is advised that an electronic technician assemble the device for your safety! This option could be available by mid year of 2023. 

Lifepulser600V - Magnetic Pulser  Features 
  • Supply input is from 100 - 240V AC 50/60Hz via a IEC connector. Input to device is EMI filtered and fuse protected on the live and neutral lines.

  • Protection mechanisms:  Over current output shut down, 500A peak. Coil over temperature shut down. PSU over/under protection shut down. Output stage is isolated from the chassis and mains supply via a medical grade high isolation and low leakage power supply unit (PSU). Why is it important to use a medical grade PSU? Medical grade PSU have high insulation and low leakage to earth, this means low risk of electric shock. This is important due to the case being made of metal and also in the event of accidental contact with the out put stage, the leakage current is very small and safe.

  • Voltage setting, output magnetic flux density at the coil surface output current level and pulse rate:

               Voltage across capacitors at peak current with original 2mH coil

               610V mode – peak flux 830mT - peak current 306A - cycle time 556ms

               510V mode – peak flux 696mT – peak current 255A - cycle time 357ms

               410V mode – peak flux 552mT – peak current 205A - cycle time 234ms

               310V mode – peak flux 420mT – peak current 155A - cycle time 139ms

               210V mode – peak flux 282mT – peak current 105A - cycle time 072ms


  • Manual and auto pulse rate setting. In auto mode an optional delay is possible from 100ms to 25.5s.

  • Continuous operation or safety counter setting mode. Safety counters offer extra safety by shutting down the inverter unit after a predetermined number of pulses has been reached. The count values depends on the voltage level selected.


610V - 100 counts to shut down

510V - 150 counts to shut down

410V - 200 counts to shut down

310V - 220 counts to shut down

210V - 255 counts to shut down


  • Count history for each voltage mode. This feature indicates the use of the unit, useful in determining the life of the unit. The unit will last many thousands of hours of operation, a good way to measure the unit has performed to its life capabilities before failure occurs.

  • Constructed using the highest quality components and the design is over engineered for the highest reliability. Also, the components are over rated for extra durability and life.

  • Inverter unit can be stored vertically to save space. Do not use the unit in this orientation.

  • Assembled by hand with the best over rated components on the market for long life and durability.

  • Full support for repairs and maintenance.

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