The standard coil unit supplied is a 2mH coil unit with a measured maximum magnetic flux of 0.81 to 0.83 Tesla at the highest voltage setting at the coil surface (peak output varies from unit to unit due to component variations) . The coil geometry gives higher output flux densities at greater distances resulting in deeper magnetic flux penetration, also a greater area of exposure compared to other magnetic pulser coil geometries.
Standard supplied 2mH coil unit displayed above.
Above waveform shows the output magnetic flux at the surface of the coil at 610V setting. Scale is 1V= 1 Tesla.
Professional calibrated tesla meter used to make measurements shown on the right FM 302 with AS-HAP Axial probe.
Measurements were performed to get the peak flux density at fixed interval distances from the surface of the coil to get an idea of the intensity. There are two graphs shown below in two units of flux density for your convenience in mT and Gauss.
All flux density measurements in all voltage modes measured at fixed intervals from the coil surface shown below.