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Power input 

               Input:                                   100-240VAC, 50/60Hz Grounded with EMI

               Plug type:                            IEC

               Safety fuses:                       T2A for 230VAC, T4A for 110VAC

Inverter unit

               Conversion efficiency:       >90%

               Output voltages:                 210V, 310V, 410V, 510V and 610V


               Output currents:                ( Voltage across capacitors at peak current with 2mH )

                                                            610V mode – peak current 306A

                                                            510V mode – peak current 255A

                                                            410V mode – peak current 205A

                                                            310V mode – peak current 155A

                                                            210V mode – peak current 105A 

                                                            (approximate pulse width is 3.6 ms)


               Cycle times:                        610V mode - 556ms

                                                            510V mode - 357ms

                                                            410V mode - 234ms

                                                            310V mode - 139ms

                                                            210V mode - 072ms


               Energy storage:                  610V mode - 119J

                                                            510V mode - 83J

                                                            410V mode - 54J

                                                            310V mode - 31J

                                                            210V mode - 14J

Physical attributes           

               Enclosure material:           305 Stainless steel and aluminum.

               Weight:                                5.55 Kg

               Dimensions:                        31.5 cm (depth including rear spacer feet and front handles)

                                                            12 cm height (including feet)

                                                            24.5 cm width (body)

                                                            28 x 11 cm (front panel)

Coil unit

               Dimensions:                         32cm x 9cm x 2.5cm

               Weight:                                 1.1kg

               Cable lead length:               1.6m

               Coil wire gauge:                  14AWG (1.68mm)

               Coil inductance:                  2mH

               Coil DC resistance:             0.3 ohms

               Number of turns:               ~170

               Measured flux density:      0.82 Tesla (average at 610V at the surface of coil, see coil data)

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