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Please follow these warnings/precaution to prevent damage, injury and death! This device is absolutely lethal if misused or abused!!!

  1. Do not attempt to open the inverter unit, ABSOLUTELY LETHAL VOLTAGE AND CURRENT INSIDE!!! Only trained personal should attempt maintenance or repair.

  2. Do not use the unit if any cables are frayed or damaged! The risk of electric shock increases! Damage to the inverter unit is also evident.

  3. Do not use the output of the inverter unit for any other function than what the unit is designed for, damage to the unit may result!

  4. Do not place any metallic objects on the center of the coil as they will be projected at high velocity and may cause injury or damage, therefore remove any metallic objects from your person before using!!!

  5. Do not use if you have a pacemaker or any other electronic implants!!!

  6. Do not place the coil near electronic devices including the inverter unit as this could cause damage. Do not use the pulser near (50 cm/1.6 Feet) any magnetically sensitive products or devices i.e. credit cards, tapes, hard drives of computers/laptops, watches, cameras, display panels (LCD, Plasma or CRT) etc. as partial or complete damage can occur to these products!

  7. For added safety, use a power outlet with ground/earth lead, i.e. three terminal plug and socket.

  8. Place the coil on a soft surface to prevent damaging the epoxy coating and prolonging the life of the coat and the coil. Do not drop the coil unit, this will cause damage! Unplug wires by the plug of the cable, do not pull on the cable to unplug as this could damage the connections of the wire on the plug making the unit inoperable!

  9. Do not obstruct the fan inlet and outlet, this will cause the inverter unit to heat up and possibly malfunction.

  10. The coil gets very hot after a few minutes of operation! The pulser can still be used if you take precautions to prevent burns, i.e. place a towel on your skin or place a thick sock on the coil head to prevent direct contact with the skin. The coil unit is equipped with a temperature sensor that will prevent the inverter unit from delivering anymore pulses when the temperature of the coil reaches 60 celsius. This is done to protect the coil epoxy from getting damaged and reducing the life of the coil unit.

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